Frog Fractions 2 Finally Uncovered; Here's How to Play It Now

The long search is now over.


A seemingly nondescript game launched on Steam earlier this month is in fact hiding the long-awaited Frog Fractions 2, a group of players have discovered.

As detailed by the group calling itself the Game Detectives, Frog Fractions 2 is hidden inside Glittermitten Grove, which debuted on Steam on December 13. Patch notes for an update released on December 25 caught the attention of some internet sleuths who have taken part in an ongoing augmented-reality game hunt for the Frog Fractions sequel. The search is now over, something that has since been confirmed by developer Jim Crawford. Those who backed its Kickstarter (or contributed to the subsequent Slacker Backer crowdfunding campaign) are now eligible to receive keys for it.

All of this brings an end to a years-long search for Frog Fractions 2, which is detailed on the Game Detectives wiki. The original Frog Fractions was an innocuous browser game that achieved considerable acclaim. Through the guise of a classic edutainment game, it actually amounts to a surprisingly fun game full of strange power-ups, and one that has nothing to do with teaching you math or fractions. You can play it for free here.

A sequel was later confirmed and arrived on Kickstarter in early 2014, but with some unusual qualifications. Crawford, who stated he "created Frog Fractions explicitly to evoke the air of mystery that all video games held in the 1980s," said the follow-up would come as a true surprise. It would not be called Frog Fractions 2 and, more importantly, its release would not be formally announced in any way. It would be quietly released on PC, with crowdfunding backers only receiving their download keys once the "jig is up," meaning its existence began to be widely reported.

To access Frog Fractions 2, you'll first need to buy (or obtain your key for) the $20 Glittermitten Grove, which is its own game. Playing it will allow you to reach a door located in the sky, which leads into the new Frog Fractions. Alternatively, you can get into the game more quickly by using fireworks to dig into the ground, where you can find another door that takes you into Frog Fractions 2. You can see one such door, and some gameplay, through the video above.

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