Friday The 13th: The Game Being Delisted And Shut Down

The game will still be playable until "at least" the end of 2024.


Friday the 13th: The Game will no longer be available to purchase (digitally and physically) after December 31, 2023. Publisher Gun Media's Friday the 13th license will expire on December 31, 2023, and there are seemingly no plans to renew it.

We do know the game will be playable until at least December 31, 2024. It's unclear when Friday the 13th will shut down for good, but there's still time left to enjoy it for now. This comes by way of a tweet from the publisher, which notes that Friday the 13th: The Game will be available to purchase for $5 until it's delisted at the end of 2023.

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Likewise, each DLC pack will be available for $1, making it easier for players to dive in before the game and its content are pulled from storefronts.

"We would like to thank our community for the dedication they've shown to Friday the 13th: The Game and Gun Interactive as a whole, and we are happy the game will live on a while longer and continue to be enjoyed by anyone owning the game already," reads an excerpt from the aforementioned tweet.

Friday the 13th: The game is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game in which players take on the role of either Jason Voorhees or one of several Camp Crystal Lake counselors. As Jason, the objective is to eliminate as many counselors as possible, while those playing as the counselors must escape the area before the time limit. Though Jason would become the iconic star of the series later on, it was his mother who served as the killer in the original film.

It launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017 and later came to Nintendo Switch in 2019. Since then, the game has been supported heavily with additional content and updates.

A new Friday the 13th game is in development and will feature horror composer Harry Manfredini. It's in development at a different studio and is unrelated to Gun Media's Friday the 13th: The Game.

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