Friday 'Nite: This Fortnite Winterfest Easter Egg Reveals The Dark Truth Behind Frozen Peely

Deck the halls with kidnapped bananas.


With Christmas being just around the corner, I wanted to focus this week's Friday 'Nite on something festive for the holiday. Maybe I'd talk about the history of Sgt. Winter, Fortnite's in-universe battle-hardened Santa. Or maybe I'd take a look at the best holiday-themed skins to date. But then I stumbled upon an Easter egg that is so fun, dark, and overall strange that it felt like something only Fortnite could pull off, and something no Fortnite fan should miss. In the world of Winterfest, it seems Crackshot is definitely on the naughty list.

If you've kept up with the Save The World story, you may know that Crackshot, the nutcracker character, is infamously sadistic. The man set up a fake kidnapping plot just to get everyone to bend to his festive will. When players discovered Crackshot was not only out of danger but actually threatening to do harm to hostages he'd taken if they didn't meet his demands for a holly jolly Winterfest, it became clear the nut had clearly cracked once and for all.

Have a holly, jolly Christmas--or else.
Have a holly, jolly Christmas--or else.

Eventually, players were able to quell and disarm Crackshot, not long after he called for Santa's head on a platter, but only through a serious commitment to his expectations for holiday decor and demeanor. The man is unhinged, he always has been. If ever you've been in line for a Black Friday sale, Crackshot is the guy at the front of the line who slept there all week and is ready to cut anyone seeking the TV on deep-discount that he's eyeballing. But here's what Epic hasn't revealed so plainly: Crackshot's log cabin, the annual home for wintry festivities, hides a dark secret involving the Fortnite fandom's favorite anthropomorphic banana.

In 2019's Winterfest, you could visit Crackshot's Cabin to unwrap gifts, toy with some of the decorations, and just generally soak up the December vibes. It's a pleasant scene, save for the unnerving gaze that would come from the dangerous host sitting by the fire. But behind him laid a greater secret, one that would only make sense today, two years later.

Seen outside his window, peering in like a kid looking into the toy store, was Peely. Perhaps Peely was considered to be trespassing, or perhaps he was just strolling by, not looking festive enough to suit Crackshot's expectations for Winterfest aesthetics. Whatever the reason, it seems Crackshot returned to his roots of taking hostages. Peely was apparently kidnapped by Crackshot and put on ice, hence this year's Polar Peely debut.

It certainly all suits the narrative, but if you need more evidence, consider that Peely is now thawing by the fire in Crackshot's Cabin, except Crackshot himself seems to have been usurped by Sgt. Winter. It would seem that the militaristic gift-giver has returned fire on the nutcracker, out of vengeance (or just self-preservation) for when Crackshot ordered his untimely demise.

Some might suggest the Crackshot we see in Save The World has no bearing on that which we find in battle royale, as they're separate storylines. I think what we're really seeing is one Crackshot who has revealed his sadistic tendencies, and another who is still cloaking it like Dexter Morgan punching in for work at the Miami metro police station.

Crackshot has a Dark Passenger, and you'd be wise to wear your best knit sweater and bake your best batch of candy cane-shaped cookies to stay on his nice list. With Sgt. Winter staking a claim on Crackshot's Cabin, loopers may be safe from Crackshot's twisted dedication to the holidays--but for how long? Happy holidays and see you in the new year with more Fortnite story chatter!

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