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Friday 'Nite: Fortnite Fans Think They've Found The Last Members Of The Seven

The Seven have been only "The Four" for a while now.

Ask any story-focused Fortnite fan which of the game's many lingering questions tickle their brain the most, and they'll likely bring up The Seven, the game's masked men and women of mystery. So far, they've been portrayed as the heroes of the ongoing battle with the Imagined Order (though I question whether we can trust their leader, The Foundation).

The last time we met anyone new in The Seven, it was The Foundation himself back during the Zero Crisis Finale, and he was the fourth member of the group to be revealed, following The Visitor, The Scientist, and The Paradigm. That means today, almost a year since that reveal, we've still not met any of the rest of the all-important group. But Fortnite fans think they might've spotted the three remaining heroes hiding in plain sight.

Their smoking gun isn't so smoky, but neither is the theory all that farfetched. Epic routinely sends out surveys to select players, polling them on things like crossovers they want to see come to the game or their interest in original characters being released as in-game skins. It's from that second category that players believe Epic has left evidence of some major character reveals.

Among dozens of other character concepts shared with survey respondents, three stood out most notably. As Fortnite's biggest content creators shared the images, fans began to speculate wildly. Could we be looking at The Origin and The Sisters, the oft-mentioned but yet-to-be-seen supposed final members of The Seven? Epic isn't saying, but the breadcrumbs reveal even more intrigue.

The idea is the two characters on the left in the tweeted image above represent The Origin, whose name we know only from dataminers. They've not yet been introduced in the story officially, but each of the rock totems present at Sanctuary, the headquarters of The Seven on the Chapter 3 map, are assigned to a particular member of The Seven. One of them belongs to a hero named The Origin, while two more, closer together than the rest, are attributed to The Sisters. We know all of this only from the game's PC files that are routinely dissected like a lab experiment by the game's sleepless fandom.

Fans have pointed to the two twin-like armored characters above as possibly being The Sisters because their armor isn't unlike that which The Seven wear. They have starkly different color palettes than the rest of the group's armor, but these supposed sisters do still bear some markings of being part of the group. For example, they're covered head to toe in their armor suits (sans helmets, which we can assume exist if they are who we think they are), which may be an important part of The Seven's standard get-up, since they're so often traveling through space and time. Some of the accents, like their broad shoulders, lined abdomens, and intricate layers, look like they fit The Seven's stylings too.

Curiously, their armor doesn't look all that different from The Cube Queen's either, the story's most formidable villain we've met to date. Last we saw, The Cube Queen was "taking a bath" when the island of Apollo flipped and revealed Artemis. Could it be that The Sisters are her daughters? What does it suggest if some of the supposed heroes may be the offspring of the greatest known threat? A look at the apparent Origin character may actually fit this line of thinking, too.

If this is The Origin, questions immediately come to mind: Why are his hands and head emitting cube-like energy when, by all accounts, the cubes are the overarching villainous faction of the story? Why does the metal around his neck so closely resemble that of The Cube Queen's crown, as well as the horns of The Storm King? What is the connective tissue that brings all of these seemingly disparate characters together like this? Most oddly, why is he shown in what looks like IO prisoner garb in the second image? Is he being held captive? Have we maybe even already met him as The Prisoner? Heck, while we're here, why is he blue? There are so many questions with so few answers.

Fans are still waiting for three of seven shoes to drop.
Fans are still waiting for three of seven shoes to drop.

His apparently close ties to The Cube Queen paired with his name seem to hint at some stunning revelations. Was The Cube Queen once considered a force for good, who was perhaps corrupted by the Cube Legion, much like we saw happen to Raz in Chapter 2, Season 6? Did The Cube Queen and The Origin create The Seven only to break off from one another later, or maybe, is The Seven the coalition that formed in the wake of The Cube Queen's fateful turn to a darker side in the Fortnite omniverse?

Naturally, the problem with running wild with these theories is that they can't be proven right now, no matter how many dots we may feel we can reliably connect. In the end, these survey skins may be just that: concepts never to see the light of day. As Hypex says above, we may not even be looking at two distinct sisters, but two similar concepts of a single character. The supposed Origin may just be a design Epic is toying with as it plans to unveil its final few members of The Seven. From this position, there's no way to confirm or deny any of this, and the famously tight-lipped Epic surely isn't going to clarify before it's ready to do so in-game.

Thus, we're left alone with our theories, however outlandish they may prove to be. But one thing we do know is that survey skins appear in-game quite often. The Chapter 2, Season 8 battle pass was comprised almost entirely of survey skins from the past, so we know Epic is comfortable asking players about new characters it very well may plan to introduce. All I'm saying is, whether or not we've seen our first glimpses of The Origin and The Sisters, don't be surprised if these characters, whoever they are, turn up in a future battle pass--or maybe even a cinematic event.

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