Freedom: Soldiers of Liberty E3 2003 Preshow Report

EA's third-person action game is set in an alternate-future New York City.


Freedom Fighters

Electronic Arts' Freedom: Sons of Liberty is an upcoming action game with an interesting twist on history: It imagines that the Soviet Union won the Cold War and has recently invaded the United States. You'll assume the role of Christopher Stone, an average plumber who will fight bitterly against his would-be conquerors in an attempt to liberate New York City. You'll have access to a large number of weapons, including machine guns, RPGs, and Molotov cocktails. As a leader of the resistance effort, you'll have to coordinate and carry out a variety of mission objectives ranging from small sabotage operations to full-scale assaults on enemy fortifications.

You won't be taking on the Russians as a one-man army, though--an integral part of the game will feature the recruitment and organization of other New Yorkers as you fight against the invaders. The game's "charisma-based recruiting system" will grade your accomplishments, so when you've freed prisoners or neutralized enemy positions, you'll have a better chance of convincing other citizens to join the fight. Once you have people in your squad, you'll be able to easily issue orders--follow, scout, and defend--with a single button press.

It seems as though the storyline in Freedom will cover a lengthy period of time. Not only will you encounter a number of recognizable New York landmarks as you fight to free the city, but you'll also see the seasons changing, and the cityscape will evolve from the New York we know today to a war-torn battlefield.

Freedom: Soldiers of Liberty is being developed by IO Interactive, of Hitman: Codename 47 fame. The game sounds like it will present a unique experience thanks to its alternate-future setting and its reliance on squad fighting. We'll bring you more information on Freedom as it becomes available.

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