Freedom Force editor available

Irrational Games releases a modification tool for its popular superhero role-playing game.


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Irrational Games has announced the release of its new editing tool for Freedom Force, its popular superhero role-playing game. The editor lets players customize almost every aspect of the game, including missions, campaigns, characters, objects, sounds, and visual effects. The tool, which can be downloaded from the links below, also comes with complete instructions that explain the customization process in detail.

To help build the mod community for the game, the developers also launched a new Web site at The site is intended to provide resources for mod makers and serve as an online gathering point for the game's community.

Freedom Force lets players assume control of a group of comic-book-style superheroes on a series of missions. The game is set in 1962 in a fictional city filled with villains. Through the course of the game, the superheroes grow in power, and they can gain new skills and abilities. For more information, take a look at our full review of the game.

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