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Freedom Force Designer Diary Hub


Freedom Force

Superhero games on the PC have always been doomed to fail in the past. Irrational Games is hoping to be the first company to break the curse with Freedom Force, a role-playing game based around development and interaction of superheroes. Join us for an inside look at the development process of this ambitious game.


  • 02/09/01 Entry #5
    Game designer Morgan Jaffit talks about the early decisions he had to make in designing Freedom Force.
  • 01/03/01 Entry #4
    Read up on the technical aspects of Freedom Force in an entry from programmer Rowan Wyborn.
  • 12/04/00 Entry #3
    Executive producer Ken Levine laments on the difficulty his company faced when dealing with publishers.
  • 10/09/00 Entry #2
    Freedom Force game designer Andrew Chambers explains the game's superpowers and the character-creation system.
  • 08/17/00 Entry #1
    Project manager Jonathan Chey introduces Freedom Force and laments on his favorite part of this game's development cycle.

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