Freedom: First Resistance

We take an early look at Red Storm's upcoming third-person action-adventure game. 12 new screens included.


Freedom: First Resistance

Red Storm dropped by GameSpot today to show off its upcoming action-adventure game, Freedom: First Resistance. Based on the Freedom trilogy of novels written by Anne McCaffrey, First Resistance places you in a world that has been taken over by an alien race known as the Catteni. You assume the role of Angel Sanchez, a human who managed to survive the initial invasion and escaped from one of the Catteni refugee camps. Along the way, Angel meets up with other characters that will either aid in or attempt to stop her struggle to rid the planet of the Catenni.

We were able to play a complete mission in a pre-alpha build of the game that places Angel and two allies - Jimmy and Leo - in an abandoned mall that once served as a Catteni refugee camp. Before the mission, each of the three characters can be equipped with various items from the inventory screen such as a Catteni pistol, ammo, and even a baseball bat.

Once the mission started, the trio of freedom fighters quickly encountered a group of Catteni wandering around the mall, so it was time to fight. The battle system is incredibly simple, and Red Storm noted that they want First Resistance to appeal to a wide audience. Player-controlled characters can be equipped with long-range weapons such as the aforementioned Catteni pistol, or they can chose to fight with their bare hands. Either way, the force of the attack is determined by how long you hold down the attack key. During hand-to-hand combat, a quick key press will produce a jab, while holding down the key longer will unleash a more powerful attack. Similarly, holding down the attack key while your character is equipped with a weapon determines how accurate and powerful your shot is.

An interesting puzzle system is also a major part of First Resistance's gameplay. Certain puzzles can only be solved with the help of your teammates, who each have a special area of expertise. In the abandoned mall area, Angel finds a switch that opens a door on the other side of the room. Unfortunately for her, there's no electricity powering the switch so Leo, the technical wizard of the group, must grab tools from one of the inventory bags and restore power to the switch. Of course, this only scratches the surface of Freedom: First Resistance's gameplay, and GameSpot will have more on First Resistance soon.

Freedom: First Resistance is due out in the winter of 2000.

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