Free Zelda, Metroid DLC for Monster Hunter Generations Out Now

Dress up like Link, Samus, and Amaterasu.


The first batch of free DLC for Monster Hunter Generations is now available, bringing with it a bunch of content based on other game series.

As with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Capcom will release free DLC on the first Friday of the month for an unspecified period of time. Today's release is highlighted by two new Palico outfits: one based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's Link and one based on Okami's Amaterasu. In both cases, these are outfits that can be worn by a Palico while it's your ally or while you assume control of it in Prowler mode.

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Additionally, there's Metroid-themed content you can now get your hands on. This includes the Varia Suit and Zero Suit hunter armor sets and Samus' Arm Cannon, which is classified as a light bowgun.

Today's DLC release also includes a bunch of other goodies for players, too. There are a number of new quests (some of which need to be completed in order to craft the aforementioned gear), arena challenges, special Palicoes (including those named after Link, Samus, and Animal Crossing's Tom Nook), an item support pack, and other new cosmetic options.

More DLC is on the way in the months ahead, including more content from other games like Fire Emblem, Star Fox, and Strider.

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