Free Xbox One Games With Gold For April Still Available

Free killing sprees with Gold.

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April's second round of free games of Games with Gold on Xbox One and 360 are available now. The Witness is still in rotation until April 30, but this round's new additions are Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Dead Space 2.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate follows the story of twins Jacob and Evie Frye as they take back London from the Templars in the Victorian era. The game not only allows you to freely explore London, but also switch between the twins for most missions. Jacob is brutish, while Evie is a rouge-like character. Syndicate will be free for Gold member through May 15.

Dead Space 2 on the other hand is a bit more visceral. This is backwards compatible title is set three years after the events of Dead Space, following Issac's battle against the Necromorphs on Sprawl. Unlike the first game, this sequel also has a multiplayer mode, pitting humans against Necromorphs. It's available for download through April 30.

In other Xbox One news, 19 new backwards compatible titles from the OG Xbox were added to the catalog this week. Additionally, we now know what free Games With Gold will be available in May.

April 2018 Games With Gold

Xbox One

  • The Witness (April 1-30)
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate (April 16-May 15)

Xbox 360 (playable on Xbox One)

  • Cars 2 (April 1-15)
  • Dead Space 2 (April 16-30)

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Avatar image for gatsbythepig

I already Dled theses titles... I am so glad I PAY for the gold subscription service, otherwise I wouldn't be able to DL these games.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Folks, you absolutely must play Dead Space 2 -- preferably with the lights dimmed and the volume turned up with few distractions.

The first hour (particularly the first ~15min) and the last level are some of the most intense in gaming. The middle of the game is consistently solid, with plenty of progression and extra areas to explore, but obviously can't match the bookends.

Heck, I'll happily install it again just to play that first hour one more time.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@Pyrosa: I prefer the original Dead Space but Dead Space 2 is still amazing but i really want a Prey patch for the Xbox One X . I would have thought that would be a given for a 4k update.

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

@deviltaz35: would that be for the real Prey or the wannabe clone

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

@Pyrosa: It has one of the most amazing learning curves and introductions to any game. You almost don't even realize you just learned how to play the game, because your heart is racing so fast as you're attempting to get out.

Avatar image for alexofburg

Everygame, from now on out needs an option to uncap framerate with dynamic resolution for future generations. Even if this has virtually no affect on newly released games. This AC runs at 1080p or 900p 30 on the xb1 and if it was uncapped with dynamic res this would feel like a remaster on the xb1x and to a lesser extent the ps4 pro.

Avatar image for blitxxx1981

@alexofburg: yea, I'm hoping for an X update bc I love Syndicate

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Syndicate's story is quite weak, but the game is saved by everything else. It's a good AC entry worth a check.
The "Jack The Ripper" DLC is also quite cool

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@Warlord_Irochi: Great characterisation . Far better than Farcry 5 which seems to be saved only by the fact you can make maps and play other people's creations.

Avatar image for blitxxx1981

Glad to see "AC Syndicate" get thrown out so more people will actually give it a try to see how different but cool it really is. Def worth getting the Season Pass too imo ;-) Now an X Update would be nice, lols

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@blitxxx1981: It could happen , it would all depend on if it became popular again really. It is unique in the Assassins Creed world and it did receive a Pro patch though it is rather lackluster running at 1440p with heaps of jaggies present.