Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games With Gold for May 2016

More free games will be available soon.


Microsoft has announced May 2016's lineup of Games With Gold titles. As usual, Microsoft will offer four free games in all to Xbox Live Gold subscribers during the month, split between Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The month's lineup includes Defense Grid 2 and Costume Quest 2 on Xbox One, while Xbox 360 users can grab Grid 2 and Peggle during May.

Xbox One owners actually get four free games during the month, as the two Xbox 360 titles are playable on the console via backwards compatibility. Additionally, one of April 2016's Xbox One freebies--Sunset Overdrive--will remain free until May 15.

While you wait for May 2016's titles to arrive, be sure to grab the remaining April 2016 titles before it's too late. As for the other side of the fence, Sony has yet to announce May's PlayStation Plus free game lineup, though that should be coming soon, considering there is less than a week left in April.

May 2016 Games With Gold Lineup:

Xbox One:

  • Defense Grid 2 (normally $15) - May 1-31
  • Costume Quest 2 (normally $15 -- May 16-June 15
  • Sunset Overdrive (normally $20) -- April 16-May 15

Xbox 360:

  • Grid 2 (normally $15) -- May 1-15
  • Peggle (normally $10) -- May 16-31

What do you make of the Games With Gold lineup for May 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

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Never look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm not sure what that means because I've never actually seen a gift horse. If I ever do see a gift horse, I'll be sure to avoid looking at its mouth. Thank You.

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al take grid. rest are meh for me tho. good job its a decent month for game releases.

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lol peggle is originally 10$

Avatar image for semi74

Better than the PSN offering this month though

Avatar image for gunslingersnafu

@semi74: This is actually a better month for PSN. The last two months have been horrible. Tropico isn't a bad game. But overall, both systems have nothing worth grabbing this month.

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For what it was advertised to be, I thought SSO was pretty awesome IMO.

Avatar image for mpl911

@mjr5304: likewise. I was really surprised. It's really not my usual sort of thing - but when I got it for free on GwG I gave it a crack, and played it for about 12 hours in 3 sittings..very addictive gameplay, and very funny dialogue too.

Very good game.

Avatar image for northArrow

It's been several months in a row in which the GWG program offered some good stuff. Looks like that streak has come to an end

Avatar image for JustinGoSka

Sweet. I liked Grid, I'm down to play the second one.

Avatar image for jasongm

Still waiting for Minecraft or Terraria to be free...

This sucks we owned them on the 360 and they couldn't make them free for past owners?

Avatar image for Cl0ud

@jasongm: minecraft upgrade was only $5

Avatar image for JustinGoSka

@jasongm: Terraria was free for the 360 a good while ago.

Avatar image for silentrambo

I really enjoyed the first Costumes Quest so i'm happy and definitely will pick up Costume Quest 2, as for the others i'll probably give Defense Grid 2 a try

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Every month we complain about free stuff. Complain people! Go ahead!

Avatar image for raugutcon

@Jag-T1000: Damn, looking at this shitty offerings for a moment I thought it was PS+, then suddenly realized it was GWG ! unbelievable.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

@Jag-T1000: Some people pay for Live to get the "free" games and of course, they usually suck so what do you expect.

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@bobafetthatesu: No one should have to pay for this service nor for Multiplayer on consoles. It's a ridiculous concept that MS came up with originally - and then Sony followed suit. It's even more a slap in the face that the service also uses OUR bandwidth via peer to peer networking.

Avatar image for ThePope2k6

@Utnayan: No, it's ridiculous to assume that a service that costs money to provide should be provided at no charge.

As entertainment options go, an Xbox Live (or PSN) subscription is dirt cheap, pennies a day. It's worth that price for the value-add that a premium service provides, as opposed to the wild-west days of online PC gaming, when anyone could pose as you, when there was no enforcement or code of conduct, when who knew whether any given server was legit or modded to allow for cheating.

No thank you. I'll happily pay 2 hours of work a year to avoid all of that garbage. (The free games just sweeten the deal.)

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@ThePope2k6: I get the same online services that xbox and ps offers for free on PC. So it is pretty ridiculous to have to pay for it on a console. Sony understood this with they released the ps3, but they saw the amount of money Micro was making so jumped ship.

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@bobafetthatesu: Well those people are dumb and have no right to complain when many of us have paid for Xbox live for years when it offered no free games...ingrates.

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With lackluster sales and hardly any market penetration compared to PS4, they had better come up with something better than this. PS Plus can afford to do this. Xbox Can't.

Avatar image for rasterror

@Utnayan: Who said the sales were lackluster? Sure they're nowhere near the PS4's but they're still good. Besides I think Microsoft can afford afford a lot more than. Sony.

Avatar image for Utnayan

@rasterror: When your competitor has a 2:1 ratio of in home market penetration which is double "Million" unit digits, that's a huge deal in this business. If Microsoft was smart, they would be cashing in on anything Sony is falling short on right now. BC is one thing, but they need to blow away people with the add on games for XBox Live as Sony is falling down tremendously in this regard with their PS Plus service. Either way. Sony just beat them again in unit sales this month, and that is even when Newegg has a deal where you can purchase a 1Tb XBox One with FIVE games for $349. That's called Lackluster.

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@Utnayan: Not like people are going to cancel/join based on the free games selection... People choose consoles for 3 reasons: exclusives, specs, and controller preference.

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Pretty Lame Lineup.. They should include at least decent game a month... none of these excite me at all.

Avatar image for jasongm

@dcole001: The way i see it, you win some, and you lose some.

Avatar image for DonBaser

@jasongm: Or in Sony's way lately: "You lose all of it"

Avatar image for mightofphobos

F-. I won't even bother picking up a single one of those 4

Avatar image for boaconstricta

Welp, we're back to the ZHEROES and the Pool Nation. Looks like they don't have anymore overrated meme games to give away. "Good month" LMAO!

Avatar image for Touchdown65

1 good month =4 bad months

Avatar image for goodgamesguy

Garbage list.

Avatar image for grumpyvagabond

Ugh. May is pretty weak. I'll try out defense grid though. Is it like a tower defense game? Could be a decent time waster.

Avatar image for Daveof89

@grumpyvagabond: It is a tower defense game. The first one was one of the best tower defense games ever made... 2 was disappointing

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Avatar image for snugglebear

Yes, but at what cost?!

Avatar image for Mogan

@snugglebear: One Live subscription.

Avatar image for snugglebear

@Mogan: Currently available $6 off on Amazon!

Avatar image for Mogan

@snugglebear: You can't afford NOT to subscribe!

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I knew last month was just fluke.

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i really wish you guys would link the games on here so gamers can checck out the reviews, very lazy on your part

Avatar image for Daveof89

@budah78: There's a search bar at the top of the page... who's lazy?

Avatar image for budah78

@Daveof89 f ... offf i clicked on this website, that makes them money. it's not my job to do their job for them. they should link the games to make it easier for me, it's not about me being lazy, its about the consumer paying their bills.:

Avatar image for shane33046

@budah78: how ironic.

Avatar image for snugglebear

@shane33046: Is that you, Alanis Morissette?! I still have that cross-eyed bear that you gave to me.

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I REALLY wish MS would figure out a way for One steering wheels to work with 360 b/c games running on the One. DiRT3 and GRID2 are both very good racers, and both have been free with GwG in the past few months, but I can't play either of them because I ditched my 360 wheel when I upgraded to the One and I don't like racing using a joypad.

Come on MS...please get Thrustmaster, Logitech, etc to get their new wheels working with 360 b/c games. I mean, the b/c 360 games work with One joypads so why not with One wheels?

Also, on topic, not the best month for GwG, but hey-ho...the last few months were great and these are free, so we can't complain (well, I can't but I'm sure some people will).

Avatar image for peterhorner1867

I'll download grid 2

Avatar image for i_p_daily

WOW a lot of entitled gamers below. If you don't want them then don't download them, but save the bitching for someone who cares.