Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games With Gold for July 2016

Four freebies.


Microsoft has announced July 2016's Games With Gold titles.

These include The Banner Saga 2 and Tumblestone on Xbox One, while Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Tron Evolution will be free on Xbox 360 during the month. Note that the Xbox 360 games are playable on Xbox One by way of backwards compatibility.

While you wait for July2016's titles to arrive, be sure to grab the remaining June 2016 titles before it's too late.

As for the other side of the fence, Sony has yet to announce June PlayStation Plus free game lineup, though that should be coming soon, considering the start of July is now just a few days away.

You can also check out the newest lineup of Xbox Live weekly Deals With Gold offers here.

July 2016 Games With Gold Lineup:

Xbox One:

  • The Crew (normally $30) -- June 16-July 15
  • The Banner Saga 2 (normally $20) -- July 1-31
  • Tumblestone (normally $20) -- July 16-August 15

Xbox 360:

  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (normally $20) -- July 1-15
  • Tron Evolution (normally $15) -- July 16-31

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Happy to have Banner Saga for free, good game this month

Avatar image for larrygall

Great. More "Games for Kids". Last 2 months were slim pickings. Oh well, maybe next month.

Avatar image for oflow

I need them to make Battlestations Pacific, Star Trek Legacy and Space Marine BC.

Make it happen MS.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

Rainbow Six Vegas 2??

I was Second Lt. in the first game

Or was it first

Avatar image for letsgame82

Rainbow Six: Vegas :D

Avatar image for NTM23

I'd be tempted to download Banner Saga 2, but I played the first on PC, and only got to the end but didn't finish, that's because I didn't really like it that much. Great art, decent sound design, but I would have preferred more gameplay than the scrolling/text and choices/battles. Something more in line with Jotun would have been cool. The story and characters didn't interest me that much either.

Avatar image for agui19

" Way better than the garbage on ps4" .....................................

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@agui19: I'm not even going to

Avatar image for hotwog21

*Rent with Gold, u can only access them whilst Gold :)

Avatar image for oflow

@hotwog21: you can get a 1 year gold sub for $35-40 on sale on Amazon or EBay usually. That's like $3-4 a month. If you can't afford $3 a month gaming probably isn't the hobby for you.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

@hotwog21: Jesus, is there anything you actually like about gaming? Or anything in general?

Avatar image for Flodiac

@hotwog21: You actually get to keep the 360 games even if you don't have gold.

Avatar image for AyatollaofRnR

Banner Saga 2 is a good freebie.

I'm not worried about grabbing The Crew (I have that kind of game covered with Horizon 2).

Avatar image for chippiez

@AyatollaofRnR: Horizon 2 is 1000000x better than "The Crew". That game blows ass.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

Not bad but not great. Already have Vegas 2 anyway but Banner Saga 2 looks cool.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@7tizz: I don't haha

It's a great game in a legendary series tho

Avatar image for chippiez

@7tizz: It's even been a GWG title once or twice in the past. I know I never bought it, but it's in my Library and I didn't buy Siege either.

Avatar image for deactivated-58a613a89f5e9

@7tizz: yeah, Tron for free sounds good - never played it

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Nice, Banner Saga 1 was amazing on PC, stoked to try part to on the xbox one. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was fun to, not as good as the old games but still fun with some friends.

Avatar image for brimmul777

Is The Banner Saga 2 any good???

Avatar image for chippiez

@brimmul777: Yeah. It's a solid 8/10 kind of game. Better than you'll expect, but nothing revolutionary.

Avatar image for deactivated-5837c1bea62c5

Nothing for me this month.

Games based on movies. Oh dear.

Avatar image for Marky360

The only game on the list that interest me is Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 that game I loved so it will be fun to jump back in. I wonder what the PS+ games for the month are going to be because we are pretty damn close to July so you would think they would have announced them by now.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@Marky360: They're actually pretty good

Looking forward to Gat out of Hell

Avatar image for Marky360


Yea I saw em I got Gat out of Hell already.

Avatar image for Whitescarver

$69, as if.

Avatar image for tonyleo01

Nice! Was gonna get it on Steam summer sale for $16 but nvm! :D

Avatar image for sladakrobot

So the rumors about The Banner Saga 2 became true but other rumors said the 2nd game were WarriorsOrochi 3 and were wrong :-)

Avatar image for ExoticCharm

I've heard great things about Banner Saga 2, but never got around to it. I guess there's no excuse now.

Anyone know if playing the first one is needed to understand the plot, or are they different stories?

Avatar image for senorbusyman

inb4 bitching from users.

Banner Saga is good game love the art style. RSV2 is ok but not as more tactical & fun as 1st RSV & Tron Evolution is fun

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

@senorbusyman: In after bitching about RSV2 is only "ok" comments.

Avatar image for mpl911

@bobafetthatesu: I don't think he's bitching. Tbh, RSV2 just isn't as great as RSV. it always had more graphical and audio glitches than 1 although it's still a great game and well worth the nothing you need to pay to get it.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@mpl911: The only thing I like to add to things better in the second game is customization