Free Xbox One And 360 Games With Gold For November 2017 Available Now

Free is a nice price.

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We're now comfortably into November, and if you haven't already claimed them, that means the next set of Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games With Gold titles are waiting for you. A total of four games across the two platforms will be available over the course of the month, as well as one that's stuck around from last month.

Xbox One owners can now pick up the racing game TrackMania Turbo, while puzzler The Turing Test, a holdover from October, will continue to be free through November 15. On Xbox 360, the Sega Saturn remake Nights Into Dreams is available at the low, low price of free for the first of the month. Later this week, starting on November 16, Tales From The Borderlands will go free on Xbox One, while Deadfall Adventures will drop to $0.00 that day. Both Xbox 360 games are playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

TrackMania Turbo
TrackMania Turbo

You can see November 2017's full Games With Gold lineup below. Click any game link to queue up your download from In other news, Microsoft has rolled out the next set of weekly deals for Xbox One and Xbox 360, while the Xbox One X's release on November 7 has arrived. You can read more about that console in our full Xbox One X review. Game Pass subscribers also have a new batch of games to play.

November 2017 Games With Gold

Xbox One

Xbox 360

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Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Free is good.

Avatar image for simonsrk

Lots of lovely gaming goodness to be had here... much better than PSPlus' meagre offerings!

It's like XboX is Scrooge on Christmas morning and PSPlus is Scrooge before the ghosts.

A humbug indeed!

Avatar image for dragonsama

Tales from the Boarderlands and NiGHTS are really great offering this month. Can't wait to get home and play some classic Saturn goodness.

Avatar image for SecretPolice

Nice, TT is gonna be a blast.

Avatar image for gamernerdvlog

Sick Deals! Trackmania Turbo is such an iconic game lol

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

Trackmania turbo yes, but not worth paying $12 gold for.

If it was: trackmania, Kain and lynche, or payday or something.

As a chain trackmania is the only worthy game (from someone who hasn't played it.)

Avatar image for gaminsincepong

@lorddaggeroff: Kain and Lynch was also free once if Im not mistaken

Avatar image for Shilleto

@gaminsincepong: only the 2nd one

Avatar image for LVT_PTA_PB

I loved Trackmania Turbo. It's a shame not a lot of people are still playing it.

Avatar image for khanwashere

No x enhanced... 😔

Avatar image for TwinStripeUK

@khanwashere: On the plus side, my 360 copy of Fallout 3 flagged up as enhanced last night, :) !

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Is this the same remake of Nights Into Dreams as the Steam version?

Avatar image for mickeman

@pmcollectorboy: Yes