Free Ultra Sun And Moon Items Come To Pokemon Go

New Alola region items are now available.


Pokemon Go is adding new customisation items to celebrate the soon-to-launch Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. As announced on Twitter, you can now dress up your character in Alola region outfits.

You can see some of the new items in the image below. The items are free, and they include things like a sun hat, sandals, and shorts, among other things.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon launch this Friday, November 17, for Nintendo 3DS. According to Polygon, this is the first time that Pokemon Go is helping to promote the release of another Pokemon game. The game reportedly did not do much or anything to promote the launch of the original Sun and Moon when they released last year.

For lots more on Ultra Sun and Moon, check out this breakdown of the key differences and some thoughts on which version to pick up.

In other news about Pokemon Go, its developer, Niantic Labs, recently pledged to continue to support the game following its announcement of a Harry Potter AR title.

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