Free-to-play SingStar reboot to be revealed this year

Sony to discuss how singing series has been reimagined "from the ground up for the digital age" during F2P Summit in October.


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Sony will discuss an all-new free-to-play SingStar reboot reimagined "from the ground up for the digital age" during October's F2P Summit, it was announced today.

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London Studio director Dave Ranyard's talk will touch on what the company has learned since releasing SingStar as a free-to-play app on PlayStation 3 last year, and how the company is applying these lessons to its new product in the future.

"Phase 1 was to launch SingStar as an app pinned to the PS3’s cross media bar last October," Ranyard said. "Phase 2 is a complete redesign and overhaul of the whole game structure and UI for the digital and F2P age, which is due for release later this year.”

Sony launched a free download for SingStar on PS3 last October, allowing users to try out several short demo songs at no cost. Beyond that, however, players need to pay. The game's catalog of songs, numbering nearly 3,000, must be purchased. Additionally, players will need to supply their own microphone or PlayStation Eye camera for vocal detection.

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