Free Steel Diver 3DS sequel is an FPS and available to download now

Steel Diver offers up its multiplayer experience for free, but you'll have to pay to get the full single-player and access to all of the game's subs.

The original game's boxart
The original game's boxart

Steel Diver was a 3DS launch title that took a unique approach with the system's dual-screen controls, and its sequel, Steel Diver: Sub Wars, is going for a similarly original control scheme.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced the Steel Diver sequel during today's Nintendo Direct calling the game a "contemplative FPS." The game will have the same underwater submarine battles as the original game, but this time you'll view them from a first-person perspective. You'll control the depth and direction of your sub using controls on the 3DS's bottom screen.

The game takes things a little slower than its twitch-based console counterparts, forcing you to line up and plan your shots ahead of time while carefully navigating through the game's treacherous waters. And this version will also include 4-on-4 multiplayer battles, playable both locally and online.

The game is available to download following today's Nintendo Direct stream for free, and that will include the entire multiplayer experience with two submarines plus two single-player missions. However, players who choose to upgrade to the paid version of the game will gain access to a wider range of submarines with various abilities for multiplayer as well as the entire 7-mission single-player game.

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