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Free Shiny Toxtricity For Pokemon Sword And Shield Now Available [Last Chance]

Sword and Shield players can get a download code for a free Shiny Toxtricity at participating GameStop stores for a limited time.


To celebrate the launch of Pokemon TCG's Shining Fates expansion, The Pokemon Company is giving away a free Shiny Pokemon for Sword and Shield for a limited time. Until today, March 18, players can claim a free download code for a Shiny Toxtricity from participating GameStop and EB Games stores in the US and Canada, respectively.

The download code is being distributed through the Pokemon Pass mobile app. Once you've arrived at a participating store, open the app and you'll see a prompt to claim the code. After that, fire up your copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield and follow these steps to redeem the code:

  • Select Mystery Gift from the menu screen
  • Select Receive with a Code/Password
  • Connect online when prompted
  • Input your download code

You notably don't need to physically enter the store to receive the Toxtricity code; you can simply stand or park outside a participating location and claim the code via the Pokemon Pass app.

That isn't the only freebie that Pokemon Sword and Shield players can grab right now. To celebrate the series' 25th anniversary, The Pokemon Company is giving away a free special Pikachu. What makes this particular Pikachu different from other ones you can get in the games is that it knows Sing, a move that it normally can't learn.

In other Pokemon news, a new Max Raid event is underway in Sword and Shield. All March long, certain Flying- and Fairy-type Pokemon, including Gigantamax Corviknight and Hatterene, are appearing more frequently in Max Raid dens across both games. The Pokemon Company is also releasing remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on Switch later this year, while a brand-new open-world game called Pokemon Legends: Arceus is coming to the system in early 2022.

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