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Free Sea Of Thieves Event Starts Now, Lets You Earn Borderlands Crossover Ship Set

Borderlands is now in Sea of Thieves with a new ship set that you can earn.


A Borderlands crossover event has begun in Rare's pirate exploration game Sea of Thieves. The free Making Mayhem event is live now, and you can earn a Borderlands-themed Mayhem ship set by playing it.

The Making Mayhem event involves two categories of challenges which award Favour that can be redeemed with Larinna for the ship set. Minor Mayhem challenges, as the name suggests, are shorter, simpler tasks that award small amounts of Favour. According to the developer's post, these include challenges like killing a shark with a gunpowder barrel.

Major Mayhem challenges, on the other hand, are more involved. Examples include finding a Treasure Vault and looting all the gold piles, or completing a Tall Tale. As you accumulate Favour from accomplishing these tasks, you'll be able to earn pieces of the ship set. The free event kicked off today and runs until September 7. The ship set includes sails, a figurehead, and other decorative pieces based on Borderlands. So, if you ever wanted to sail a pirate ship with Claptrap tied to the bow, now's your chance.

Microsoft revealed the Mayhem event during its Gamescom livestream. The company has also unveiled news on a bunch of other games, including a new world update for Flight Simulator, a Dying Light 2 trailer, and a look at Wasteland 3's upcoming expansion. More is still to come as part of Opening Night Live on Wednesday.

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