Free Santa platform game from CDV

CDV Software Entertainment releases Santa Claus in Trouble for free download. First screens inside.


CDV Software Entertainment has today released a 10-level platform game called Santa Claus in Trouble for free download. In the game, players assume the role of Santa, who has found himself marooned in a strange land with his presents scattered all over the place. Santa needs to gather up his presents and get back to his sleigh whilst avoiding traps, negotiating moving platforms and puzzles, and overcoming hostile enemies.

"It's a thank-you to all our fans for their support during the year," says Terry Malham, president of CDV Software Entertainment UK. "Ten levels of joyful platform-hopping would warrant a full-price release for some publishers. We're delighted to be giving it away to our customers, and wish them all a very happy Christmas."

Santa Claus in Trouble, which weighs in at around 10MB, is now available for free download from CDV's official site.

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