Free Ryse: Son of Rome DLC adds new Coliseum events

There's also some paid-for DLC, too.

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A free update for Crytek's Xbox One launch title Ryse: Son of Rome will be released today, adding two new level events to the game's Gladiator mode.

As you go about your regular arena business--slaying scores of barbarians--the events will randomly trigger. The first, a turret, will pelt your character with arrows until it's destroyed. The second will cause statues of roman gods to to emerge on the map and offer up a one-time bonus to boost your character's health or focus. It's just like in real ancient Rome!

Another chunk of DLC, the $3.99 Colosseum Pack, offers two new arenas. The first is Henge, which takes place in an ancient forest shrine, and the second is Ascension, which has you fight out of Hades' lair.

The Colosseum DLC also includes the Commodus and Centurion skins.

For more information, check out GameSpot's Ryse: Son of Rome review.

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