Free Rockstar Game With GTA 5 PC Offer Ends Sunday

Rockstar Games' special free game promotion ends February 1.


Grand Theft Auto V
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Rockstar is giving away a free games to anyone who preorders the upcoming PC version of open-world game Grand Theft Auto V through the Rockstar Warehouse, but the deal doesn't last forever. In fact, it expires this coming Sunday, February 1, meaning players have less than 72 hours to take advantage of the promotion.

In addition to a choice of one of the eleven games listed below, anyone who preorders through Rockstar's site will receive $1.3 million worth of in-game cash. Everyone who preorders the PC version gets $1 million (split evenly between Story mode and GTA Online), but those who pre-buy through the Rockstar Warehouse get an extra $300,000.

Following its second delay, the GTA V PC release date is now March 24, 2015. For more on the PC version of GTA V, and to learn more about its PC system requirements, check out this post.

Free game choices include:

GTA V PC Images:

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