Free Rocket League and Portal 2 If You Preorder Any Steam Hardware

Buy a Steam Controller, Steam Link, or Steam Machine and get free games.


Valve and developer Psyonix on Thursday announced that the beloved soccer-with-cars game, Rocket League, is coming to SteamOS and Mac later this year. In addition, Valve has announced that everyone who preorders any piece of Steam hardware--Steam Controller, Steam Link, or Steam Machine--gets a free copy of that game and Portal 2.

This applies to preorders through Steam and retail, and people who already pre-bought the hardware will also receive a free copy of Rocket League and Portal 2. If you already own Rocket League and Portal 2 and preorder Steam hardware, you'll still get extra copies to gift to a friend (or keep for yourself).

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Valve's DJ Powers said in a statement that bringing Rocket League to SteamOS was a no-brainer, in part because it "plays brilliantly" with the Steam Controller. It's also a ton of fun, he said.

For its part, Psyonix founder and president Dave Hagewood added: "Our PC players have already proven how much passion they have for our game, and this is a great opportunity for us to bring Rocket League to an even wider audience inside the Steam family."

Pricing for Steam hardware is as follows:

To mark the news, Psyonix has discounted Rocket League by 10 percent for the next 48 hours, which brings the price down from $20 to $18.

Finally, Valve announced today that Rocket League has sold more than 1 million copies on Steam alone. As of the end of July, the game had passed 5 million downloads across PC and PlayStation 4.

Although it hasn't yet been confirmed for any other specific platforms, Psyonix has indicated it does plan on bringing it to additional systems.

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I do want the controller but i already own these games.

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And to think some gamers on steam dissed console players and called the peasants then Valve releases a console like platform and they all jump on it haha

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@letsgame82: How is a steam machine a console? It's just a cheap PC and I you already have a decent PC it's really no reason to buy a steam machine. The steam machine seems more for console people to take baby step up to PC. Not PC people to take a step down when we can just buy the controller if we like and have it all. So, they would still more than likely still call you peasants.

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@6t4gp: Is a Steam machine not console like??

Avatar image for 6t4gp

@letsgame82: No, it's just a prebuilt PC with a controller.

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@6t4gp: can you upgrade it then?

Avatar image for 6t4gp

@letsgame82: From what I read you can.

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I still kind of want to try that controller out

Avatar image for hystavito

@xanatos357: I do too, and I will. It'll probably end up going unused after the initial messing around, but I'm still gonna do it :).

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Psst...Rocket League is already free on PS4

Avatar image for Darkhorse-Gamer

@electrichobo99: PSN Plus is not free.

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@electrichobo99: Psssst. It was free for a month. Now you have to buy it.

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@Nakiato: Well I got my copy for free, in fact I've got every single PS Plus freebie since Resogun and Contrast when the system launched. Even had to install a 2TB HDD to keep up with all the free content.

Avatar image for Setzera

I'm just glad Rocket League will get Linux support. I may need that soon.

Avatar image for mattfem5

I preordered a controller through Gamestop about a month ago; how do I get my free games!?!?!?

Avatar image for hystavito

@mattfem5: Maybe it'll be a voucher inside the box?

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@mattfem5: tip of the month: don't preorder stuff.

Avatar image for elheber

"Here's two games you already own. You are welcome."

Avatar image for NoodleFighter

@elheber: only 1 million people on Steam have rocket league plus you can gift them to friends to play co op with if you already own them.

Avatar image for higochumbo

@elheber: and that you will be consistently able to get for 1 buck on sales forever.

Avatar image for mattfem5

@higochumbo: Rocket league is selling for a good price still. And you could always trade them away for games of equal value you don't own.

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When will we get these free games as I've already preordered a steam controller.

Avatar image for no_one

Already got them both... so makes no difference. Not really into touchpads and touch screens, something wrong with my fingers, we just don't connect.

Avatar image for xcollector

@no_one: You may be non conductive.

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Naa rather wait for a Steam sale instead of buying any of that trash.

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@Dannystaples14: Steam Link?

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

@Darkhorse-Gamer: What and use that god awful controller? No thanks.

Most average PC monitors have a higher pixel density than living room TVs anyway. So you'll have a sharper quality game on your PC monitor.

Avatar image for Darkhorse-Gamer

@Dannystaples14: Its actually a neat idea, some have their gaming rigs on their rooms, especially on big houses, the living room can be very far from your room, and steam link is a neat idea to stream games to your living room when you want to play there. For those who don't want to buy another computer, they would just spend $50 + controller/kbmouse on Steam Link and they're basically set, luckily steam has an "STEAM IN-HOME STREAMING" feature where i could stream games to it(and HDTV) from my rig. No more expenses. Can't say controller is awful or not, didn't try it yet XD.

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@Darkhorse-Gamer: If the screen quality attached to me PC is better than my TV why would I even WANT to play in the living room?

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this controller looks usable.

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--are they just being rude jerks?(with this crap ball offer?)
--cause let us tell it how it is
--it seems the ONLY thing this whole 'steam machine' mess has been
--is a rude slap in the face to EVERYBODY including valve
--it is like
--someone who 'runs things' at steam
--took some acid(do not try it kids look what happens)
--had some TERRIBLE midlife crisis acid trip that spun their brain around in their skull 1/4 inch
--and then
--that person came back to work
--and decided to do steam machines(and that STUPID FAIL looking controller)
--i mean
--can they insult us anymore?

--hey valve!
--if you want me to preorder a steam machine
--you are gonna have to give me a 1000$ gift card to newegg(to make an actual gaming 'machine')
--and that also goes for actually buying one of your piling boxes of steam(yea get used to that terrible joke)

Avatar image for unfreak-believ

@TheZeroPercent: "piling boxes of steam"

Like, a sauna? I don't think you can pile those very effectively.

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@TheZeroPercent: Please stop posting in that format, its borderline retarded.

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--you shouldnt say retarded
--it isnt 1998 anymore
--its time to grown up
--and evolve

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@TheZeroPercent: Just because its not 98 means you can write like a retard? Interesting, see this is why people laugh and call you names.

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--i guess i shouldnt have expected you to grow up
--or evolve
--ill admit
--that was pretty bad judgement on my part
--oh well
--maybe your offspring have a chance(haha yea i really do have a problem with the whole hope thing)

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You know you can get both games for just getting the neat controller right?











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Thats a pretty sweet deal.

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I thought you could already play Rocket League in Steam.