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Free Realms tops 3 million

Sony Online Entertainment's free family-friendly fantasy MMOG reaches multimillion milestone less than seven weeks after launch.


Further evidence arrived today that nothing attracts a crowd like "free." Sony Online Entertainment, the creators of Ever Quest and Star Wars Galaxies, announced today that 3 million unique users have registered for Free Realms in less than seven weeks after its launch.

Can an overload of cuteness crash a game server?
Can an overload of cuteness crash a game server?

SOE will thank its early-adopting user base by awarding gamers in that initial batch of 3 million with the "3M Pet Party Pack," which is filled with congratulatory goodies for pet trainers to accessorize their virtual cats and dogs. Normally, players have to buy accessories for their pets at the game's online store.

The game's user base could expand well beyond 3 million players if it ventures beyond the PC. In August 2008, SOE announced at the Leipzig Games Convention that the game would be coming out on the PlayStation 3 in Europe. While SOE has been quiet on the issue since then, company president John Smedley stressed two months later the company's plan to bring all of its future MMO games to consoles.

Unlike many massively multiplayer online role-playing games, combat in Free Realms is optional. The game also offers many social networking features, including an interactive chat where users can share pictures and upload in-game videos onto YouTube. The game offers 14 other jobs, including such jobs as ninja, postman, chef, card duelist, and wizard.

To get a hands-on look at Free Realms, check out GameSpot's preview of the game. You can also see a video of the game below.

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