Free Rainbow Six Siege Map Added as First Expansion Arrives

O Canada.


The first of four expansions for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Black Ice, has arrived. Included in the expansion is a new map set on a yacht, two new operator characters (Frost and Buck), and new weapon skins. On top of that, the expansion introduces a spectator camera for all platforms in custom games.

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The operators Frost and Buck come from the real-world Canadian special operations force JTF 2. DLC pass owners get the new operators right away, while everyone else has to wait until February 9 to acquire them.

Along with some new weapon skins, the new operators can be obtained by spending credits earned in gameplay or by purchasing them with real-world money.

Operation Black Ice's new map, Yacht, as well as those in the next three expansions, are available for free "to avoid any split in the community," Ubisoft said. New modes will also be free.

Additionally, Operation Black Ice includes a new tactical item, the leg trap, which does exactly what it sounds like. The expansion is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the video above to see the new content in action.

GameSpot's Siege review scored the game an 8/10.

"My experiences weren't always perfect, but when Siege works, there's nothing else like it," editor Scott Butterworth said. "It's not designed to appeal to all players, and that's exactly what allows it to be something special. With so much strategic depth, those periods between firefights actually become some of the most rewarding, while firefights themselves are made all the more intense by the knowledge that you're fighting for your life, not just your kill/death ratio."

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