Free Rainbow Six Siege Base Operators, Weapon Attachments Now Available

Ubisoft unlocks more content for free.


A variety of exciting new content is now available for Rainbow Six Siege, including two new Operators and the limited-time Outbreak mode, courtesy of the new Operation Chimera update. But there are other significant changes now in place for Siege that come as very welcome news for many players.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced that it would make changes to Siege's pricing, effectively raising the price of the game. The news wasn't well received, and Ubisoft ultimately relented and announced it would instead offer more things for free--namely, Operators and weapon attachments.

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In the case of Operators, you won't suddenly get every one in the game for free. Provided you're not playing the budget-priced Starter Edition, however, you will receive access to all 20 Operators that originally released in the base game. Previously, you'd need to earn in-game currency called Renown to unlock them, limiting the number of options you'd have until investing a good amount of time in the game. Operators that have been released as part of post-launch expansions can still be unlocked with Renown or purchased in bundles (such as the new Year 3 season pass) for real-world money. If you need some tips on who to use, we've highlighted the best Operators for Siege newcomers and the best Operators for Siege experts.

Another use for Renown has also gone out the window, as all weapon attachments--both those already available and those to be added in the future--are now accessible to all players. Like Operators, these previously had to be purchased individually, which actually put new players at a disadvantage against those who had upgraded their weapons. Now, you'll no longer need to worry about how and what attachments to spend your money on; you can freely use whatever you want.

Alongside the new gameplay content and balance changes, the Chimera update also introduced new, limited-time Outbreak packs. These are essentially loot boxes with new cosmetic gear, albeit with no duplicates. They can only be purchased with R6 Credits, Siege's premium currency, though you will get four for free by logging in during the event. You can see all of Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak pack gear in our gallery.

You may not have correctly received those free packs--or the free Operators--when logging in, but Ubisoft is working to address the problems. That was just one of several issues that cropped up with Chimera's release.

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