Free PS5 Camera Adapter Lets You Connect PSVR

Sony is shipping free camera adapters to PSVR owners to make sure you can keep playing your VR games on the new PS5 hardware.


If you have a PSVR, you can keep using it on PlayStation 5--but you'll need an adapter to connect the PlayStation Camera to your new hardware. Sony is offering the adapter free-of-charge if you're a PSVR owner, so you can request one now to prepare for the next-generation launch.

You can request your adapter through the PlayStation Support site. It's a simple enough process, but you'll need to locate your PSVR's serial number to prove that you're an owner. You can find that number on the back of the black processor unit, the box that connects to both the headset and your PlayStation console.

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According to a camera adapter FAQ, the adapter will start shipping in mid-November for the Americas and Europe. You'll be notified when it ships, but you may need to wait up to two weeks for delivery. Be aware that the adapter cannot ship to PO boxes, and once you've put in your request, you can't change the shipping address.

The PS5 launches on November 12, so you may have a slight gap before you're able to play PSVR on the new hardware. Sony has warned of PS5 supply issues, so it may be hard to find the next-gen console if you haven't already put in a preorder. For more details, check out our hands-on preview.

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