Free PS4 PS Plus Games For July Confirmed, Available Now

Another batch of freebies is on the way soon.


Just ahead of July, Sony unveiled the list of games that PlayStation Plus members will be able to download for free during the upcoming month. As always, there's a total of six games spread across PS4, PS3, and Vita, with the highlights--as usual--coming on Sony's newest platform.

PS4's lineup this month consists of two games. On the heels of Detroit: Become Human's release, we get another game from developer Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain. The QTE-heavy game features a branching story where you investigate a serial killer. It was originally released on PS3 before making its way to PS4 in 2016.

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The other PS4 freebie is Absolver. While perhaps not as well known, it is perhaps the month's most exciting offering. It's a third-person action/fighting game with a distinct control scheme where you can customize your moves. It's relatively new, having only been released last August.

On PS3, PS Plus members get the platformer Rayman 3 HD and strategy game Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess. If you have a save file from Deception IV: Blood Ties, you'll be able to carry over certain unlocks to Nightmare Princess. For those with a Vita, action game Space Overlords is free--and it offers Cross-Buy with PS4 and PS3, getting you a total of three games in July on those platforms. The final Vita freebie is acclaimed adventure game Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma.

It's not too late to claim June's PS Plus freebies if you haven't already done so. These include XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion on PS4. Additionally, this coming weekend will offer a chance for PS Plus members to play Destiny 2 for free, while yet another game--Call of Duty: Black Ops III--is free to download through July 11. Grab that, and you'll be able to continue playing it for as long as you remain a Plus member, as with all standard PS Plus Instant Game Collection titles. July's new lineup of freebies will be available starting on Tuesday, July 3.

July 2018 PS Plus Games


  • Absolver
  • Heavy Rain


  • Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess
  • Rayman 3 HD


  • Space Overlords
  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

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