Free PS4 Open Beta For Tactical Space Combat Game Dreadnought Begins Today

Report to the bridge, captain.

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Now Playing: Dreadnought PS4 - Open Beta Trailer

All PlayStation 4 players are now getting the chance to try Dreadnought. As of today, the tactical, team-based strategy game has a free open beta on the PlayStation Store. The game has been in closed beta on PS4 for some time, and an open PC beta is currently underway too. You can check out the epic new trailer above.

Dreadnought takes a different slant on space combat than many other tactical strategy games: you command giant capital ships in big battles. There are more than 50 different ships to play across five different ship classes, all of which let you customize their weapons, modules, coatings etc. The PS4 open beta adds two new game maps and six bonus night map variations to the content available in the previous closed beta.

The open beta also includes four game modes: Team Deathmatch, Team Elimination, Training, and Havoc. Havoc is a PS4 exclusive co-op mode not found in the PC version where three players try to survive wave after wave of progressively tougher enemies using the ships they select and upgrade.

Another PS4 exclusive, the Hactar Hero Ship, is available in today's open beta along with a new ShareFactory theme and two additional title themes. If you're a PS Plus subscriber, you'll also be able to pick up a free DLC pack for the game starting August 15.

There's no word right now on an official release date for Dreadnought. Follow GameSpot's full coverage of the game for the latest news on a full release, and head over to Dreadnought's website to get a look at all the ships you can play.

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