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Free Pokemon Available For Scarlet And Violet For A Limited Time

Add Dot's Quaxly to your collection.


The Pokemon Company is giving away another freebie for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For a limited time, players can claim a free Quaxly in their game via Mystery Gift.

This particular Quaxly is based on the one owned by Dot, one of the main characters in the new Pokemon Horizons anime series. It comes with a Partner Ribbon that, when assigned, bestows Quaxly with a special title when it enters a battle.

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To claim the free Pokemon, fire up your copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the menu and select Poke Portal
  2. Select Mystery Gift
  3. Select Get with Code/Password
  4. Input the code D0T1STPARTNER

This code is set to expire November 30, 2024, so you have until then to claim this Quaxly.

That's not the only freebie currently available for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In another tie-in with the new Pokemon Horizons anime, players can claim Liko's Sprigatito until September 30. To get yours, follow the steps above and input the code L1K0W1TH906.

Another freebie is also on the way. The Pokemon Company will give away a free Porygon2 during the upcoming Pokemon North America International Championships from June 7-9. This particular monster is based on the one used by the 2024 European International Champion Nils Dunlop.

Scarlet and Violet are also hosting a new Tera Raid event later this week. From May 23-26, the Paradox Pokemon Sandy Shocks and Iron Thorns will be appearing in five-star Tera Raids.

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