Free Play Weekend For These Three Ubisoft PC Games Starts Tomorrow

Play three Ubisoft games for the low, low price of $0 this weekend.


Looking for something new to play this weekend? Ubisoft has announced a pre-E3 promotion where you can download and play three of its PC games for free this coming weekend for a limited time.

The three free games include the third-person shooter The Division, extreme sports game Steep, and platforming/racing game Trials Fusion.

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The games will unlock on Friday, June 9, though you can pre-load them right now through Ubisoft's Uplay store. The promotion is open to players worldwide and wraps up on June 12.

In addition to the freebies, Ubisoft has announced what it's calling a Crazy E3 Sale. Launched today, this sale includes discounts on For Honor ($40), Ghost Recon: Wildlands ($40), Steep ($30), and Far Cry 4 ($15), among others. You can see all the offers here. The promotion ends on Sunday, June 18.

Ubisoft's E3 2017 briefing takes place on the afternoon of Monday, June 12. The company is expected to formally announce Assassin's Creed: Origins and also show off more of Far Cry 5, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and The Crew 2. The publisher might also announce a new IP.

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Is steep any fun ? I love SSX

Avatar image for Attitude2000

@R4gn4r0k: It's no SSX. There's a more realistic approach. However if you like snowboarding at all it's fun.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

@Attitude2000: Do you still do tricks like SSX or Tony Hawk ?

Avatar image for analgrin

@R4gn4r0k: You can do tricks via skiing or snowboarding but gravity is more realistic here so the tricks aren't as outrageous. You can also go paragliding. Steep is fully open world, you can go pretty much anywhere you want on the huge mountain/s but you unlock fast travel locations and competitions by taking part in competitions and races etc.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@analgrin: How can snowboarding be open-world? You go downwards and then it's over. Even if you have a really wide hill that you can descend in 45 degree (or little more) angle.

I mean SSX was quite a lot on rails, but Amped and Transworld Snowboarding was in wide areas. I couldn't call them open world though

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum: this game isn't just a series of races you make your way through via menus. You have a massive map covering a few mountain peaks. You are free to explore at your leisure along with other online players you often encounter. You can switch between skiing, snowboarding and paragliding on the fly to get about, you can stick to safe routes or go off piste and try a more dangerous steeper/rocky slopes. You have binoculars which you can look through to tag events. You can then fast travel to them once they show on the map. Taking part in events reveals and unlocks other events on the map. Its a huge online open world.

Well i say huge but i only played a few hours of the trial so never got a full grasp on just how big the map is. Seemed pretty big though.

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

Hey everyone!

It's your chance to spend hours of downloads to play a couple of minutes of a game TOTALLY FREE!


Last time I did this was with Steep and it took me more time to download it than the time I actually played it...

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@silv3rst0rm: Time for you to move away from dial up ! ... The download took me about 30 mins last time and I put a fair few hours into it !

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Uplay... no thanks. If it were available on steam or consoles, I might try, but nope.

Avatar image for Kisalon

@Daveof89: If it was on steam it would still be using Uplay sorry to burst your bubble :)

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Wow the division again. I picked that up for 5 bucks and glad because its not really fun. I wish wildlands was free to try out because that looks much more interesting but I'm still undecided if i wanna buy it. I'll try out steep too. lol

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@crunkster64: It's like all these loot based shooters, fun to begin with, then the grind begins and you have to ask yourself, am I still having fun. Still a bargain at 5 quid.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

@crunkster64: The Divison tries to be both an MMO and a TPS and fails at both.

I had so many laughs... seeing the worst parts of the game xD

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

@crunkster64: The division is great concept but unfortunately set up in a pretty bland/dull environment.
I like the gameplay, the shooting and all it's great but the "City" theme gets old rather fast.

In a perfect world, Wildlands would have the responsive and easy controls/Cover mechanics of The Division in its huge open world it would've made for a perfect title but Wildlands has crappy gameplay/controls/AI.

I had a BLAST with The Division for a couple of weeks but it just didn't last...unfortunately!