Free No Man's Sky Update Expands The Game Again On Thanksgiving

Here, have some turkey and a free update.

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A little more than three weeks after No Man's Sky's The Abyss update, developer Hello Games has announced that the sci-fi survival game will receive another free expansion. Coming tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, No Man's Sky's planets will get a little more alien in Visions.

According to the official No Man's Sky website, Visions will introduce "new planetary biomes, more colorful worlds, new fauna and flora, archeology, salvaging, and more." There are new alien types that disguise themselves as minerals, a new color palette that makes the worlds look lusher (or more desolate), new water variations and atmospherics, and much more. In short, the update is supposed to make the game's universe more varied and diverse.

As seen in the trailer above, Visions will also introduce new features, like archeology, salvaging, and crashed freighters, in addition to changing some of the game's visuals and aesthetics. Become a futuristic Indiana Jones through archeology and salvaging, as players use their multitool to uncover both ancient bones and fallen satellites. Crashed freighters are procedurally generated events where players can explore a crash site in search of valuable cargo.

Players should be careful after Visions launch, though, as the "more varied, more diverse universe" also introduces new threats. Visions will see new creatures, hazardous flora, and corrupted sentinel drones patrolling areas. Players may be able to escape the rising threat through precarious storms, and doing so may lead players to discover a planet's storm crystal, a valuable treasure that can be traded for a small fortune.

For a game as expansive as No Man's Sky, the game just gets larger with each expansion. And with these large-scale updates that complement the continuous, smaller-scale tweaks, it seems Hello Games remains committed to evolving the vast universe its created.

No Man's Sky's Visions update will be available tomorrow for free for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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