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Free Mythical Pokemon For Sun And Moon Coming To GameStop This Fall

This is players' first chance to get the mysterious Marshadow.


Nintendo has announced another distribution for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This time, players will have their first chance to add the recently revealed Mythical Pokemon Marshadow to their teams.

Beginning October 9, players in the US can visit a participating GameStop store to pick up a free code for Marshadow, making this the only official way to obtain the Mythical Pokemon so far. The dual Fighting/Ghost-type monster will be level 50 and comes equipped with its own unique Z-Crystal, Marshadium Z, which lets it unleash the Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-Move during battle. It also knows the following attacks:

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  • Spectral Thief
  • Close Combat
  • Force Palm
  • Shadow Ball

Like previous distributions, players can get their Marshadow by selecting the Mystery Gift option from the games' menu and choosing to receive the Pokemon "via code/password." After entering the code you received from GameStop, you can pick your Pokemon up from the deliveryman waiting inside any Pokemon Center.

The Marshadow giveaway will run for a much shorter time frame than previous distributions, ending on October 23, so Sun and Moon players will not want to miss their opportunity to add the rare Pokemon to their teams. In the meantime, GameStop is still distributing codes for a battle-ready Salazzle until September 4.

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