Free Minecraft Minigame DLC Lets You Fly This Week


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If you're eager for more to do in Minecraft, then March 28 will be your lucky day: the creation game is getting a new flying minigame called Glide.

Releasing on consoles, the free minigame utilizes the Elytra wings introduced in Minecraft's Christmas update. Equipping the wings lets you take part in the against-the-clock Time Attack or in Score Attack, which rewards you for racing through as many of the point hoops as possible.

Boosters and thermal drafts will help speed up your journey, and you'll have the chance to refine your runs over time as you discover more and more shortcuts. Only one track is available at launch: a race course inspired by the Battle map Cavern. "We put Battle's Cavern map into the track as a test … [and] it took less than three seconds to fly through! We quickly realised that Glide's maps would have to be huge," said David Keningale, art director at co-developer 4J.

As noted on the Minecraft blog, up to 16 players will be able to race together on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, though it's unclear if the update will also come to other platforms. More tracks will arrive as DLC, meanwhile, with the first to be "themed around beasts." Some new tracks will be free however, including an upcoming Temple-themed one.

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In other Minecraft news, it was recently revealed that the indie hit has sold over 120 million copies, with over 55 million people playing every month. The game will come to Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, though a release date has not been announced.

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