Free Minecraft Map Shows How Social Distancing Can Slow A Virus

Blockdown Simulator is a Minecraft map designed to show why social distancing helps stop the spread of disease.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, social distancing has become a necessity to keep people from spreading the virus. It can be difficult to understand best practices for social distancing, however, and a free Minecraft map is offering training and an explanation on its importance.

Blockdown Simulator, available in Minecraft's Java Edition, was created by the design and innovation company AKQA and sees a village overrun with infectious zombies. You can play as either an observer or a nurse, and there is a tower located in the middle of the village that can spawn more villagers or zombies, raise and lower houses, and unlock and lock doors. A hospital underneath the village can cure villagers of the infection, but there is limited space and other villagers must stay uninfected in order to avoid overcrowding.

Though its creators say it isn't designed to simulate our real-world pandemic, Blockdown Simulator's aim is to show the important of social distancing and how failure to do so can leave healthcare workers unable to care for the sick.

"We felt compelled to use our skills to make social distancing models accessible to everyone, especially younger audiences who might be confused about the new reality we are living in," said co-creator Joseph Davies.

Because Blockdown Simulator uses the Java version of Minecraft, it is not available on newer platforms that use the Bedrock Edition. This includes PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. However, those who do play it are encouraged to mod and built on the formula in order to build something even "more compelling." For more free games to keep you entertained in quarantine, check out our roundup.

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