Free Miitopia Switch Demo Out Now, Carries Progress To Full Game

You can now try out the upcoming light-hearted Switch RPG ahead of its release on May 21.


A free demo for Miitopia, Nintendo's upcoming Switch RPG starring Mii characters, is now available on the Switch eShop. The demo lets you create and customize a party of Miis and play through the game's first world. Best of all, any progress you make in the demo will carry over to the full title when it launches on May 21.

Miitopia is a light-hearted, turn-based RPG in which you create a party of characters using Miis and travel about the land recovering faces that have been stolen by the Dark Lord (who you also create using one of your Miis). The Switch version is an enhanced port of the 3DS game, which released back in 2017, and features improved visuals, new customization options, and more.

Each party member you create in Miitopia can be assigned a different class, which range from traditional RPG staples like warrior and mage to sillier occupations like chef and pop star. Your characters can also form bonds with each other by hanging out together while at inns or embarking on outings, which in turn will unlock extra benefits during battle. This time around, you can also enlist and customize a horse.

Following the demo's release, Nintendo shared a new trailer for Miitopia, which you can watch below. This video showcases some of the customizations and classes that you can give your Mii characters in the game. In a follow-up tweet, Nintendo teased that additional details about Miitopia will be shared in its next video.

Like the 3DS game, the Switch version of Miitopia is compatible with a range of Amiibo figures. Scanning one of these in the game will net you Game Tickets, which you can then use in the Arcade for a chance to earn rewards like gold. That, in turn, can be spent on Nintendo-themed costumes for your characters, including Link, Mario, and Isabelle outfits. You can see some of these costumes below.

Miitopia Nintendo outfits
Miitopia Nintendo outfits

Miitopia launches on Switch on May 21. The game is available for preorder now on the eShop and at various retailers. The digital version will require 3.1 GB of space.

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