Free Microsoft Flight hits the skies this spring

Game download takes players to Big Island of Hawaii for "hours" of free play; additional items and missions available for purchase.


Microsoft Flight

After more than five years on the ground, last month Microsoft announced that its flight simulator series would take to the skies again in the form of Microsoft Flight. Now, the tech giant has revealed more about the game, announcing it will be a free download and is slated to be released this spring.

Microsoft Flight takes to the skies when the ice thaws from the runways.
Microsoft Flight takes to the skies when the ice thaws from the runways.

After downloading the complimentary core component of Microsoft Flight, gamers can partake in "hours" of activities on the Big Island of Hawaii. Microsoft also mentioned that those who sign in to Microsoft Flight via their Games for Windows monikers will receive free content and other perks. The content and perks up for grabs include an in-game Boeing Stearman aircraft and additional missions to partake in.

Gamers looking to fly further in Microsoft Flight will also be able to purchase additional content in the form of new planes, regions, and "customization options." Microsoft also noted that it plans to release additional content "frequently" via daily challenges and updates. Microsoft did not mention what any of the purchasable items will cost.

Microsoft Flight's perks don't end there, however. Developer Microsoft Studios partnered with airplane manufacturing team ICON Aircraft to include the ICON A5 airplane--which does not go into real-world production until the end of the year--in Microsoft Flight.

Gamers eager to get their hands on Microsoft Flight can sign up to enter the closed beta test for the game today. The game will also be shown at Microsoft's booth at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show, which runs January 10-13 in Las Vegas.

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