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Free Legendaries For Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Available Tomorrow

Players can get Xerneas or Yveltal for free this month.


It's the beginning of a new month, which means Pokemon fans will soon have a chance to claim another free Legendary in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This month's featured Pokemon are the X and Y cover monsters Xerneas and Yveltal, and they'll be available via a free download code for a limited time.

From May 4-27, US residents will be able to pick up a download code for the Legendaries from GameStop stores around the country. Those in the UK will be able to grab one from participating Game locations, while players in Canada can get the code from EB Games stores.

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As usual, the code can be redeemed in any seventh generation Pokemon game, and the Legendary you get will depend on which version you're playing. Sun and Ultra Sun players will receive the Dark/Flying-type Yveltal, while those with Moon or Ultra Moon will get the Fairy-type Xerneas.

The Legendaries will also come at different levels depending on which version you have. If you redeem the code in either of the Ultra games, the Pokemon will be level 100 and come equipped with a Gold Bottle Cap, which can be used to max out a Pokemon's IVs in Hyper Training. Likewise, the Legendaries know different attacks depending on the version. You can see their movesets in each game below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun

  • Yveltal -- Level 100
    • Oblivion Wing
    • Dark Pulse
    • Heat Wave
    • Tailwind

Pokemon Sun

  • Yveltal -- Level 60
    • Oblivion Wing
    • Dark Pulse
    • Phantom Force
    • Psychic

Pokemon Ultra Moon

  • Xerneas -- Level 100
    • Geomancy
    • Focus Blast
    • Grass Knot
    • Moonblast

Pokemon Moon

  • Xerneas -- Level 60
    • Geomancy
    • Horn Leech
    • Night Slash
    • Moonblast

To redeem the code, select Mystery Gift from the games' main menu and choose the option to receive your gift via a code/password. Input the code when prompted and you'll download the Legendary. You can then claim it from the deliveryman waiting inside any Pokemon Center, although you'll need to have an empty slot in your party to pick the Pokemon up.

Xerneas and Yveltal are the latest freebies available as part of the ongoing Year of Legendary Pokemon promotion, which gives players the chance to snag a different free Legendary every month in 2018. Next month, The Pokemon Company will give away another Legendary Pokemon from X and Y: a shiny Zygarde. Until then, you can see all of the free Pokemon available for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon right now.

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