Free Impossible Creatures add-on coming

Relic announces that it will release a downloadable add-on for its creature-designing RTS this spring.


Impossible Creatures

Relic Entertainment has announced that it will release a free mod called Insect Invasion to expand on its real-time strategy game Impossible Creatures, which was released in January. Insect Invasion will feature 15 new base insects and animals that can be combined with the existing creature library to create a large number of new unit designs. The add-on will also add new environments and multiplayer maps, as well as nine additional special creature abilities and other unnamed gameplay enhancements.

The Impossible Creatures engine was designed to allow creative fans to modify the game with custom content, and Relic has also announced the release of a sample SDK that includes the game's engine, updated tools, and a packager to make mod distribution simpler. More information on modifying Impossible Creatures can be found on the Relic Developer Network Web site.

Insect Invasion is scheduled to be released sometime this spring.

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