Free Guy Tops US Box Office Chart For Second Week

The Ryan Reynolds comedy stays top, with Pat Patrol: The Movie in second place.


Free Guy has held onto the top slot in the US box office charts. The Ryan Reynolds-starring Disney movie made $18.8 million in its second weekend on release.

As Box Office Mojo notes, the movie only dropped 33.8% from its opening weekend $28.4 million gross, a far less dramatic second weekend fall than other recent Disney releases such as Black Widow and Jungle Cruise. Unlike those movies, Free Guy isn't also available as a Premium Access title on Disney+, meaning that a theater visit is the only way to see it right now. Free Guy's US gross stands at $58.8 million, bringing its worldwide total to $111.9 million.

The week's highest new entry was Paw Patrol: The Movie, at No. 2. The big-screen version of Nickelodeon's popular animated kids show made $13 million in its first three days. This number was particularly impressive given the movie is also available to Paramount+ subscribers for no extra cost.

There were three other new entries in the box office Top 10, but none of them faired that well. The action movie The Protégé, starring Maggie Q and Michael Keaton, made $2.9 million in its first three days to enter the chart at No. 7. The horror movie The Night House is at No. 8 with a $2.8 million opening gross, while the sci-fi thriller Reminiscence made $2.0 to claim ninth place. The latter was also released simultaneously on HBO Max.

The rest of the chart includes titles that have been on release for several weeks, namely Jungle Cruise, The Suicide Squad, and Black Widow, plus Don't Breathe 2 and Respect, which entered the chart last week.

US Box Office June 25-27

(via Box Office Mojo)

  1. Free Guy $18.7
  2. PAW Patrol: The Movie $13.0
  3. Jungle Cruise $6.2
  4. Don't Breathe 2 $5.0
  5. Respect $3.8
  6. The Suicide Squad $3.4
  7. The Protege $2.9
  8. The Night House $2.8
  9. Reminiscence $2.0
  10. Black Widow $1.1

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