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Free Guy Director Already Has Big Sequel Plans

If Free Guy 2 happens, Shawn Levy wants to send Ryan Reynolds into Minecraft and Call of Duty.


Free Guy isn't even in theaters yet, but director Shawn Levy is already figuring out what a sequel to the film could be. The movie hits theaters on August 13 and you can read GameSpot's review of Free Guy now. To celebrate the release, Levy spoke to GameSpot about the possible future adventures of Ryan Reynolds' incredibly naive non-player character Guy and confirmed that he is currently in the brainstorming stage of a potential sequel.

"I do feel like to send that well-intentioned manchild into different worlds where it's not only different gameplay, but it's literally different world-building, [would be fun]" he teased. "Because you and I know the range of world creation, it runs the gamut in the world of video games and video game culture. So I would love to see him, maybe even jump from one to the next to the next."

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While it would be fun to see him jumping between a number of different video games, Levy has a couple of specifics in mind. "I'd love to see him in Minecraft," he said. "I'd love to see him in Call of Duty. I feel like the possibilities, comedic and otherwise, both in terms of comedy and action, are kind of endless. It's very juicy to think about."

Watching Reynolds potentially transformed into a Minecraft block character, fighting creepers and flying everywhere with Elytra and a healthy supply of fireworks does sound pretty fun. Then again, so does dropping him in the middle of a Call of Duty warzone. "I'd be lying if I didn't admit that we have started brainstorming about some of those possibilities," he added.

Still, while these are ideas Levy would like to explore, he is quick to admit, "I'm not counting any chickens yet. We need people to show up and we need people to actually make Free Guy a hit."

Free Guy is in theaters on Friday, August 13.

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