Free GTA 5 Biker DLC Out Now, Watch Launch Trailer

New motorcycles, clothing, weapons, and modes included.


[UPDATE] Rockstar has released a new trailer for GTA Online's biker DLC and some more screenshots. Additionally, a post on the Rockstar Newswire covers everything that comes with the free add-on.

There are Clubhouses that serve as your base of operations. You can choose a Clubhouse from 12 different locations. Each has a bar, activities like darts and arm wrestling, and more.

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The Bikers DLC also adds 13 new vehicles, including the Nightblade, the Chimera, and the Rat Bike. New melee weapons include the battle axe, pool cue, and pipe wrench. There is also a new automatic shotgun and a compact grenade launcher.

The new adversary mode included with GTA Online's Bikers DLC is called Slipstream. This is a racing mode that also involves melee combat.

"As teams jockey for lead position, taking full and clever advantage of the other players' slipstreams for speed boosts--and using well timed attacks to melee opponents off their bikes--can be vital in this contest to the bitter end. Seven maps are ready to race now," Rockstar said.

Read the full Rockstar Wire post to learn more about Bikers.

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The original story is below.

Grand Theft Auto V expands today with new biker DLC for its multiplayer mode, GTA Online.

The update is out now and weighs in at around 2 GB. Similar to past GTA Online expansions, it's only available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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As announced previously, GTA Online's free biker gang expansion introduces the ability to found a motorcycle club and take part in new missions with your fellow members.

New competitive and cooperative gameplay modes are included, though they have not been detailed. The expansion also adds more vehicles, weapons, and clothing. One of the new bikes Rockstar has shown off is the Western Rat Bike, which you can see in the gallery above, along with other images from the expansion.

Players can join up with up to eight other people to form a club, and there will be different roles such as prospects and presidents. Prospects will need to earn the president's respect in order to get promoted within the ranks.

Using the MC Clubhouse properties, bikers will be able to interact with a special biker mechanic, but as of yet it's unclear what new functions this character will provide.

All of GTA V's DLC to date has been for GTA Online. Rockstar has said single-player DLC is still under consideration, though no announcements have been made.

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