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Assassinating across China.

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Now Playing: Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China - Stealth and Training Gameplay

Ubisoft is offering another new free game, for a limited time. This time it's the 2D stealth-action game Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, one of the very few Assassin's Creed games that doesn't take place in Europe or the Americas. Make sure to claim your free copy through the Ubisoft Store anytime by February 5.

This was one of a trilogy of Chronicles games, which each featured a new setting and Assassin. China features the female assassin Shao Jun, who trained under the series' biggest star, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. She returns to her homeland to take out a group of Templars called the Eight Tigers. Subsequent Chronicles games would be set in India during the Sikh Empire and Russia just after the October Revolution.

Ubisoft has made a regular practice of giving away free games through its PC storefront, and this comes just as Epic Games has started to do the same for its own burgeoning store. Steam and Epic have been starting to battle it out publicly lately. Ubisoft's own store is competing with them to an extent, but as a publisher it's also able to partner with either store. The Division 2 is eschewing Steam for the Ubisoft Store, for example.

"Chronicles' passive pacing is a shame, because the pieces, combat notwithstanding, are mostly strong," critic Kevin VanOrd wrote in GameSpot's review. "Furthermore, the exquisite environments craft a setting that makes me eager to see the two upcoming sequels--Chronicles: India, and Chronicles: Russia--in action. If they follow in Chronicles: China's footsteps, they will be beautiful to behold. I hope, however, that unlike the first entry, they take the leap of faith required to make them play as boldly as they look."

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Gamespot scored it a 6. Thanks, but no, thanks.

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I hate to say this as an avid AC fan since the first day, and someone who loves metroidvania styled 2D platformers, but these 2D AC games are not worth your time. Very boring and repetitive, and honestly a total opposite of the theme of freedom that AC has built upon in the last 10 years. Read or watch a short story synopsis but even when I got all these games free a while ago (they have done this before), it is nearly impossible to muster the effort to slog through these poorly designed games. Think the old tiger handhelds if you want to understand how gameplay works. This paragraph is probably the most time I have spent even thinking about these games and it was basically to just warn fans to stay away or at least enter at your own risk. In these games, nothing is possible and everything I said is true. Sorry to be so negative ^^ Play Odyssey, it is worth your time.

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Rayman > Assassin Creeky