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Free Game Alert: Get Open-World Stealth Action Game Seven: Enhanced Edition For $0

Seven: Enhanced Edition is free on Humble, but not for long.


Humble is running a free game promotion, and you can get an interesting-looking stealth action game by subscribing to their newsletter. The game is Seven: Enhanced Edition, a 2017 game that comes complete with its DLC expansion.

Seven: Enhanced Edition is an isometric stealth/action-RPG, and you play as the thief Teriel. You'll be able to make choices about how you play and whether you help the citizens of Peh, the region you're exploring, or exploit them for personal gain.

To get the game, you need to follow this link and subscribe to Humble's mailing list. If you're already a subscriber, clicking on the "Get It Now" button will automatically send you a code.

The game usually costs around $30, so "free" is a big saving.

The free code is for a GOG copy of the game, so you won't be able to install it on Steam.

Make sure you act fast if you want a free new game to play over the holidays.

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