Free Fire Emblem, Mega Man DLC for Monster Hunter Generations Out Now

There's a bunch of new stuff to do in Generations this month.


This month's batch of free DLC for Monster Hunter Generations is now available, and it brings with it more items based on other game franchises.

Having already offered Zelda, Metroid, and Strider items, this month's big additions are from Fire Emblem and Mega Man. The Fire Emblem items come in the form of the five-piece Lodestar set and a sword-and-shield weapon, Falchion. This is all obtained by completing the quest Fire Emblem: Warding Despair, which tasks you with taking down a Hyper Silver Rathalos.

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The Mega Man outfit is for felynes, not your character. As such, it only consists of two parts: the F Rushing Hammer and F Mega Set. They're rewarded upon completion of the quest Mega Man: Yellow Devil, which asks you to hunt a Hyper Royal Ludroth.

There's also a felyne outfit that lets you dress up your Palico as Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins. That doesn't come with an accompanying weapon; the armor is earned by playing through Ghosts 'n Goblins: Seeing Red where you slay a Hyper Rathalos.

Today's DLC also includes some other free outfits, including the cute-but-creepy Zombie-kun one seen in the gallery above, which is earned through a Prowler mission. Additionally, there are new Arena challenges, special Palicoes, customization items, and an item pack (with a welcome assortment of higher-end potions, axes, and more).

You can grab all of this now through Generations' DLC menu, which can be reached from the main menu or in-game. More details are available on the Capcom Unity blog.

Capcom will continue offering free DLC for Generations through "early 2017," with each batch arriving on the first Friday of the month.

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