Free Enhanced Edition Of Switch Game Is A Completely Separate Download

Not your average update.


Enhanced versions of video games are nothing new, from porting older titles to newer consoles, to updating them to 4K. NBA Playgrounds on Nintendo Switch is the next title to see one of these mid-generation updates, but it's not actually an update to the base game--it's an entirely new download.

For those who already own NBA Playgrounds on Switch, the Enhanced Edition is free to download, just don't go thinking it's going to be part of your base game file. It's a different one that will need to be downloaded in the Nintendo eshop. NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition is denoted by a golden frame on its icon.

The upside is the updated version includes all of the game's previously released free content, and the file size is smaller. Once the new version is downloaded, you will be able to delete the original base game file. Any player who purchased the base title before June 10, 2017 will also receive a free copy of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn later this year.

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The downside is that if you choose to delete the original file, you'll need to be careful to not delete your save files. As for online play, those still playing on the base version of the game will still have multiplayer functions, but won't be able to play with anyone who has already downloaded the updated version.

NBA Playgrounds is currently on sale for $10 in the eshop until January 18. In addition, its first paid DLC, "Hot n' Frosty," is now available on Switch for $10. The DLC includes three new playgrounds, tournaments, and eight new rookies.

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