Free EA Sports UFC 2 Trial Hits PS4, Xbox One for Limited Time

Play time is limited to five hours, however.


Curious about EA's latest MMA game, EA Sports UFC 2? Now you can try it for free.

A demo for the title arrived today, July 6, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is the full game, but playtime is limited to five hours. The demo will only be available until July 11.

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If you like what you try, you may be happy to learn that the full game is marked down to $30 right now on Xbox One and PS4. These discounts are good for one week only, ending July 12.

You can queue up your EA Sports UFC 2 demo download right now using these links:

GameSpot's UFC 2 review scored the game a 7/10.

"Some issues drag everything down, particularly the lack of intuitive feedback, and the barebones tutorials, and a dry career mode, but EA Sports UFC 2 is a welcome improvement on its predecessor that shows this series is going in the right direction," reviewer Richard Wakeling said. "It's just not a number one contender quite yet."

In other news about free trials for EA games, you can now play 2015's Need for Speed on PC free for 10 hours through Origin. Other games with free trials on Origin right now include Star Wars Battlefront (4 hours), Unravel (10 hours; only first level), The Sims 4 (two days), Battlefield 4 (seven days), and Titanfall (two days).

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