Free Destiny Trial Available Now

But it won't work on some Xbox 360 and PS3s due to hard drive limitations.

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Bungie has released a free trial/demo for its first-person shooter Destiny across all platforms. On Xbox One and PS4 it's called a Trial, and on Xbox 360 and PS3 it's labeled a Demo.

Whatever you call it, the trial/demo lets players sample Destiny's character creation process and progression, as well as some story mission content, and cooperative and social activities.

On Xbox One and PS4, the Destiny trial will require 20 GB of disk space, while the Destiny demo on Xbox 360 and PS3 will mandate that you have 6 GB of free disk space. As a result, the following Xbox last-generation consoles won't support the demo.

  • Xbox 360 Arcade Console
  • Xbox 360 4 GB Console
  • Xbox 360 Core System
  • PlayStation 3 12 GB System

Bungie also explains that an internal hard drive is required for the Destiny demo; external storage devices such as USB flash drives are not supported.

All of your character progression will transfer to the full Destiny game, so long as you purchase a copy on the same platform family you played the demo on. That means Xbox 360 to Xbox One transfers are supported, but not Xbox 360 to PS3 or PS4.

Destiny launched in September, and has 9.5 million registered users by publisher Activision's latest count. Bungie will support the game with two expansions, the first of which--The Dark Below--will be released next month. Bungie is also now working on a full-on Destiny sequel.

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