Free COD3 map hits XBL

Call of Duty 3 soldiers can now download the Champs map free of charge from Xbox Live Marketplace.


Apparently, it's free map week on Xbox Live Marketplace for top-selling Xbox 360 games. Yesterday, Microsoft and Epic Games released two new multiplayer maps for Gears of War, the Xbox 360's holiday hit.

Today, a free bonus map for another top-seller made its way to Xbox Live Marketplace. Activision has released the first multiplayer map for Call of Duty 3. The map, titled Champs, is set in a French farm town and is designed for small and medium-sized teams.

Activision is also releasing a premium COD3 map pack, the Valor Pack, which contains five more battlegrounds. The valor pack has not been given a release date and will cost gamers 800 Marketplace points ($10).

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