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Free Charizard For Pokemon Sun And Moon Coming Soon

Special download codes available soon but will only be around for a limited time.


Pokemon Sun and Moon players who want to add some firepower to their team will be able to get a free Charizard next month. Target is offering special download codes for the 3DS games to any player who shows up, starting October 1.

The Charizard is level 50 and knows Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Fly, and Earthquake. It also knows the ability Blaze and holds a Red Card item. The download codes are given out in person at Target locations, but the offer is only around until October 14. Once you get the code, you input it by selecting the Mystery Gift option from the game's menu. After you enter the code, you can pick Charizard up from the deliveryman in any Pokemon Center.

Target also has another exclusive arrival for Charizard fans. The new Charizard-GX Premium Collection hits the store on September 24, which features a Charizard-GX card for the Pokemon TCG and a Charizard collector's pin.

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Meanwhile, GameStop is giving away its own free Pokemon. From October 9-23, players in the US can stop into a location and get a code for the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow, a level 50 dual Fighting/Ghost-type monster equipped with its own unique Z-Crystal, Marshadium Z. With that, Marshadow can unleash the move Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike Z.

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