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Freddie Prinze Jr. Says Voicing Iron Bull In Dragon Age: Inquisition Was Most Fun He's Ever Had In Career

"Like that's my favorite character that I've ever played ever," the actor said.


Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. has played Fred in two live-action Scooby-Doo movies. He's starred in films like She's All That as well as I Know What You Did Last Summer. And he's even voiced a Star Wars character: Kanan Jarrus in Rebels. But nothing tops his experience as the Iron Bull in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Prinze appeared on Pop! Talk on YouTube (via TheGamer) and discussed his career. During the interview he brought up how much fun he had being a part of Dragon Age: Inquisition. "But the Iron Bull is the one. Like, that's the voice that is my favorite character that I've ever played ever," he said.

"And it's from a video game, like it's not from a big movie that made $100 billion. It's not from Scooby or She's All That. It's a giant, bull-looking, massive buff guy, and they wanted this like linebacker, bro voice." He added that "it just didn't feel right."

Prinze went on to talk about learning various voices from his dad's best friend, Charles Fleischer. For those unfamiliar, Fleischer is a standup comedian who might be best known for voicing Roger Rabbit. Prinze says he was the one who helped develop his vocal range as a tool.

That led Prinze experimenting with Iron Bull instead of just going straight to a bro voice. Ultimately, he ended up mixing together thundering Pete from Mickey Mouse with Winston Churchill.

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